The Next Generation

Of Clinic & Family Care in Somalia

Hayat Telehealth offers you a world of medical expertise without the costs and complexities of international travel. Access leading International and local specialists and get a reliable second opinions. Save on travel, invest in health. Begin your journey to better care, smarter choices, and a healthier future with just a click.

In Support of United Nations SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being.
In Support of United Nations SDG 3:
Good Health and Well-being.

We are an international clinic aiming to Bridge the Healthcare Gap in Somalia through Telemedicine

We are empowering Somali patients with affordable and accessible high-quality healthcare by connecting them to international medical specialists for second opinions, medication delivery, and comprehensive support, bridging the gap between local limitations and global medical expertise.

We provide a modern service care

We believe in technology and our team to take care of your health problems. We guarantee you will get the best service that you have never experienced before

Primary Care

First care for your beloved family


treat skin problems in a professional manner

Sport Medicine

helps athletes recover their injuries quickly and efficiently


help solve your problem comprehensively


treat neurological problems in a professional manner


treat heart problems with modern technology


expert Guidance for Diagnosing and Managing Eye Conditions


pregnancy consultation with experts

How to make an appointment?

Call or WhatsApp Us

Reach out to us directly via phone or WhatsApp. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with any inquiries and guide you through the appointment process.

Provide Medical History

Share any relevant medical history and reports from the last six months. Your privacy is paramount, and this information will help us tailor the consultation to your needs.

Book Your Consultation

Once we have all the necessary information, we'll help you book a consultation with the right specialist. Choose a time that suits you and embark on your path to better health.

Clinically at

San Diego,US

International Specialist Network

Consult with world-class medical specialists for second opinions and consultations, ensuring you access the best care available.

Rigorous Doctor Vetting

Every specialist is rigorously vetted for qualifications and experience, ensuring you receive care from the best in the field.

Cultural and Linguistic Alignment

Our services are culturally sensitive and available in Somali, ensuring personalized patient care, clear communication and understanding.

Dedicated Professional Team

Our team comprises highly qualified medical professionals committed to delivering personalized and compassionate care.

Here's what makes us different

Revolutionizing Somali Healthcare: Our service merges modern telehealth with local understanding, offering reliable medical consultations and building healthier communities. With a focus on quality and accessibility, we're connecting Somali patients to a growing network of top-tier global specialists, ensuring effective care is always within reach. We're not just changing how people access healthcare; we're making it better for everyone.

Early Impact

From our inception, we've focused on making a meaningful difference, reaching individuals with essential healthcare services and setting the stage for widespread impact.

Building a Network of Excellence

Our commitment is to grow an extensive network of medical professionals, each dedicated to providing compassionate, specialized care tailored to the needs of the Somali community

Voices of Healing: Celebrating Our Commitment to Care.

Haawo Kiin
Home Maker

After a painful fall, local doctors suggested surgery for my back. Thankfully, I discovered Hayat online and sought a second opinion from their network of International doctors. They reviewed my diagnostics and recommended physiotherapy instead of surgery. Following their advice, I've significantly improved without undergoing surgery.
I highly recommend Hayat for anyone seeking reliable medical advice. Their service truly made a difference for me.

Voices of Healing: Celebrating Our Commitment to Care.

Voices of Healing: Celebrating Our Commitment to Care

Adam Mohamed

Consulting a neurosurgeon through Hayat was a game-changer for me. Their expert guidance and precise evaluation of my condition left me confident and reassured about my treatment journey. Thanks to Hayat, I've found the path to better health, and I highly recommend their platform to anyone seeking exceptional medical expertise.

Voices of Healing: Celebrating Our Commitment to Care.

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